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If you have aspirations of becoming a professional coach, or simply want to expose yourself to professional requirements without actually becoming a professional, here is a great opportunity.  You can receive your “A” professional coaching license online!  The license is being provided by the Professional Football Association of Argentina (AFTA).

The next online virtual classroom will start June 1, 2011.  For tuition rates and enrollment information, contact:

Juan Cruz Real, AFTA International Development Program Direction


Why ATFA’s Level A Coaching License is a Winning Strategy:

1. ATFA’s Level A Coaching degree is the most comprehensive package in the world.  It is recognized internationally.

2. More education hours= the best coaching preparation in the world.

3. It is the most cost effective option out of all the major types of Coach Licensing Degree options.

4. It is the only online Coaching Degree in the world where you study from the convenience of your own home.

5. ATFA takes 2 years to complete a Level A Coaching Degree, while UEFA requires 4 years.

6. Extensive online support classes, with translator support, and direct contact with professors within 48 hours of inquiry.

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