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Quite honestly, I’m tired of all the BS relating to soccer.  The sport is constantly victim to match fixing, diving, hooliganism and bad officiating. Soccer is one of the most decorated and historic sports on earth, yet we constantly find ourselves talking about these useless topics.

The reason I’m writing this blog, and the reason I feel this way, is because the theme that seems to be developing at the UEFA European Championships 2012 is terrible officiating.

How do they pick the referees for these tournaments?  I’m sure there is a detailed system they follow, but what is it?  Do you know?  I don’t.

I don’t like complaining without offering a thought of how to improve, so here it is.  Referee’s should be put through a public process of being selected for a tournament.  That way we’re not left in the dark as to how certain referee’s were chosen and others weren’t.  For example, why not give each team in the tournament the list of potential officiating candidates and let the teams vote?

Some food for thought, the German soccer players voted Wolfgang Stark, the German referee who was chosen to officiate games at the 2012 Euro Cup, the worst referee in the 2011 Bundesliga campaign.  Countries send their best players, why don’t they send their best refs?  Why not have a UEFA and FIFA ranking for referees and not just teams?

At the same time, we can’t put too much pressure on the officiating staff to ensure the game goes without a hitch.  Why not help them out.  Most simply, we can implement goal line technology or the ability to ‘go to the booth’ to review potential goals.  This will take an enormous amount of pressure off the crew and allow them to focus on officiating a fair game.

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