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With the outdoor season  getting under way in the coming weeks, I decided to look for some old footage of a great player and try to learn a thing or two. I decided on some footage of Brazilian legend, Rivaldo. We’re all familiar with Rivaldo’s ability as a footballer but when I watched some of the footage I was simply blown away. His touch on the ball is absolutely incredible. There are few players today that play the way he does.

Rivaldo is tall and has long limbs which make it difficult to stop him. To add to his length, he makes ever so slight feints with speed that he is able to shake off any defender, thus setting himself or a teammate up for a scoring opportunity. Rivaldo is still playing at the age of 38 for Sao Paolo in Brazil. However, his best years as a footballer were with FC Barcelona.

There are so many great goals in this video but my favorite move by him is the sequence from 0:33 seconds to 1 minute. Watch how badly he fakes out the defender. See for yourself.

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