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Cristiano Ronaldo has single handily revolutionized the way free kicks are taken.  He has developed a unique technique that has dazzled fans and baffled goalies.  Over the past 4-5 years, he has worked tirelessly to perfect what some refer to as the “knuckle ball.”  In a recent Spanish La Liga match where Ronaldo’s Real Madrid played against Real Valladolid, a free kick was earned approximately 25 yards out from Real Valladolid’s net.  The goalie worked intensely at creating a wall to help him stop what was inevitable: a shot from Ronaldo.  Then this…

Are you kidding me? Where do I even begin with the praise of this free kick?  The power; the accuracy, the top spin; the path…there needs to be a new adjective for this free kick.  My reaction was very similar to the goalies: “what…wait…how…oh man…come on…really?”

Some might say I’m over reacting and making this free kick to be more than it is.  But let’s step back for a second and really dissect what just happened.

After watching the replay a few times, you begin to realize just how hard he hit the ball.  Now hitting a ball that hard isn’t particularly special, in fact there are players who hit the ball much harder.  What is impressive, however, is how he managed to hit it as hard as he did and make it go over a wall and down into a net just 25 yards away.

When you try to hit a ball as hard as he has, one of two things usually happen:

(1) you shoot it straight into the wall; or
(2) you end up hitting the moon

The technique Ronaldo has developed is as meticulously planned as a good golf swing which I’m sure most of you can appreciate takes years of practice; even then it’s slightly off.

Watch more video’s on his free kick.  Read more about his free kick and how it has been perfected.  Gain a true appreciation for what this guy can do.

If you still doubt me, get onto the field and try it.  Setup a wall – stay away from using humans as they’ll want to keep their heads – and start off by simply getting it over the wall and in, then progressively build up towards a full strike.

I’d love to hear how it went….hopefully you’ll gain an appreciation for the Ronaldo free kick and motivate yourself to learn it.  Remember: impossible is nothing.

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