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With most regular soccer seasons under way and Euro Cup 2012 about to take the soccer world by storm (June 8th) I felt it a good time to talk about the art of finishing in soccer. Or better yet, how to score a goal and who better than to learn from than Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

Many people will identify themselves or others as “strikers” or “pure finishers” and the reason is they are calm and generally place the ball in the back of the net instead of the majority of their shots being shot high hoping that they hope find the back of the net.

With this being said, I came across a video of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Manchester United legend, who is now manager of Norwegian sideMolde FK. This video shows all of 126 goals while playing for Manchester United. What should be noted is that over 100 of these goals were shot on the ground and not very hard. Those that were in the air were placed with incredible precision.

However, what most players do is smash the ball or to pick-out top a corner. Obviously we want to place the ball in a corner as best as possible but what Solskjaer does is a little fake while glancing at his intended target followed by his shot. He also released the ball extremely quickly, sometimes with the outside of the foot. What should be noted i that over 100 of his Man United goals were shot on the ground.  Furthermore, the majority of his goals were inside the box as a rebound or by controlling the ball with one touch and the second was his shot (often resulting in a goal).

In the end, don’t complicate things for yourself. Control the ball with one touch and place the ball on the ground. There is no need to go for the glory goal top corner (even though these often make the top 10 highlights). Instead, think of shooting on the ground (all the time). Every shot on the ground in the back of the net… the way Solskjaer did!  The success rate will be better than you think.

Enjoy his goals and learn from the best!

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