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senseballLooking to improve your touch on a soccer ball?

In order to have more time on the ball and to have the essentially slow down for you need to have the best touch on the ball. The best and most elite players have a great touch on the ball. This allows them to play the game and make better decisions without having to spend time controlling the ball and reacting to situations around them.

Growing up I was told to pass the ball against a wall on my free time. I did a variety of activities with the ball and different size balls. There was even The Soccer Pall, a bag attached to the end of a string you could hold in your hand. You put a soccer in the bag and let the juggling and kicking begin. The Soccer Pal allowed you to have multiple touches on the ball in a short period of time. Now there is a new and improved version of The Soccer Pall, only it’s called the SenseBall. There are an abundance of exercises one can perform with this ball.

If you’re looking at getting in hundreds, if not thousands of touches, in a short period of time then this is a great tool you can use or gift for a friend. What a great way to become a two-footed player and improve your ball control. The competition in soccer is increasing and if you’re going to spend x-amount of minutes per week working on ball control then you might as well be efficient with your time.

Have a look at the video below giving a more in depth look at the origins of SenseBall and how different exercises for beginners and advanced groups.


  • The SenseBall grows Myelin and as such opens the pathways of the brain to improve skill with each new SenseBall drill mastered. The movements become more and more automatic and faster. This science should not be ignored any longer.
    Faster quicker and with more first touch control, brain centered learning in soccer is the future in developing competition competent players. What good are all the drills taught to players today, if the player is too slow or does not have the skill to maximizes the effect of the drill or systems. Combined with CogiTraining the SenseBall produces players who see with their brains ,not with their eyes.

  • Dan Wybo says:

    Swedish researchers Torbjörn Vestberg and Pedrag Petrovic indicate;
    A player with a good cognitive capacity but without a fast brain has no chance at the top level.
    To Increase brain speed Michel Bruyninckx recommends a daily deliberate practice of the SenseBall

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