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How often do you shoot on net from 40 yards out?  I’m not talking about 25 yards or even 35 yards.  I’m talking, literally shooting from 40 yards out.  Perfecting the shot from this distance can help any player become a very dangerous shooter from anywhere outside the box.

To score from this distance not only requires power and accuracy but almost, if not, perfect technique.  Once you can keep all shots on net and even score from this distance you will become a deadly shooter from anywhere outside the box.

  • Be sure to warm-up properly before doing this shooting as you do not want to injure yourself in this drill
  • Start by shooting the ball directly on a one touch basis directly on net from 40 yards, whether it’s a dead ball situation or being passed to you.  Preferably have a teammate pass you the ball.
  • Then dribble the ball from even further out and then at 40 yards have a shot on net
  • After several attempts on net, advance to the 25 yard range and shoot from there.  You’ll notice that it will be tremendously easier to score from this distance
  • Be sure to start with the further distances and then  move to the closer range
  • Remember to land on the shooting foot as this will help drive all the power from your body through the ball

There are very few players in a game of soccer than can shoot accurately let alone score from 40 yards out.  You don’t necessarily have to score (although that is preferred) but simply training your body to shoot from this distance will help you with all the distances and make you a most feared shooter from anywhere on the field.

Watch video of some great long distance goals.  Notice some shots are absolute rockets whiles others have curves in them.  There are various ways you can score from this distance.

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