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Remember the days when you learned how to jump with a jump rope? Whether those days were recent or several years ago, it’s time to bring jump rope training back into your routine. Yes I am referring to soccer training. Not only is the jump rope an excellent cardio work-out but it is also a great full body work out. In order to keep the jump sequences going you must have complete focus. Furthermore, you will greatly improve your foot work, foot speed and overall agility. All areas that are incredibly important to the development of your soccer game. 

Start out with 100 jumps at the end of each soccer training or cardio session and try to improve on that each time. Eventually, you want to build up to 3,000 jumps per session. Yes, 3,000 jumps. Preferably without any stops between the jumps.

The key point here with the jump rope is to always jump on your toes or the balls of your feet. Make sure each jump is light and not a stomp! In addition, include different variations and movements. These include jumping forward and backwards, side to side, and one footed jumps. All of this will improve your cardio, foot work and foot speed. Very quickly, you will notice an improvement in all of these areas.

Watch video below of a jump rope routine. The individual in this video is at an advanced level but it gives you an idea of the speed and accuracy an individual can train with the jump rope.

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  • jump program says:

    I did jump rope to develop strength in my lower body. Jump rope is one of best exercise for loosing weight and also for developing strength and agility to the lower body. I did jump rope to tone my leg muscle fiber and to improve my strength and agility. I remember I combined jump rope with plyometrics exercise like squat and box jump.

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