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If you’re looking to improve your touch of the ball and overall soccer skills, I have provided some simple yet excellent drills you can do each day on your own that will surely help these areas of your game. Within days you see improvement in your overall ball control. To this day, I continue to do these exercises. After every run or soccer practice, I find it is a nice cool down for 15-30 minutes on my own. Start with a ball and find a brick wall. Stand anywhere from 5-10 feet in front of the brick wall and start passing the ball off the wall.

There are an unlimited variation of the exercises you can do with the ball. Below are some drills to get you started with. In each case, pass the ball off the wall with the:

  • inside of the left foot
  • inside of the right foot
  • outside of the left foot
  • outside of the right
  • Note: you can also pass, spin 360 degrees and immediately pass again. Here you are working speed, accuracy and control.

Other variations include:

  • lob the ball off the wall with your hands and control it with your thighs
  • lob the ball off the wall with your hands and control it with your chest
  • trapping the ball with the laces off your foot

These drills will help your reaction time since the ball often bounces off the wall quicker than you expect. Concentrate on cushioning the ball as though it is an egg and you don’t want it to break. And keep your eyes up at all times.

As mentioned before there are unlimited variations you can perform when passing off the wall. The main thing is to do these drills everyday. One thing that separates professional soccer players from amateur players is their excellent touch of the ball. Continuously working on drills such as these will help you perfect your ball control. The drills don’t have to be complicated. The fact that you are working on these exercises will help your overall touch on the ball and before you know it you will surpass your fellow teammates and competitors.

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