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Incredible Under 11 Fan Support

It’s obvious that the soccer fan from professional team are passionate but check out the fans in the video below in the under 11 the Lech Cup. The video starts out with simple chanting but quickly escalates into something much more. Remember, we are talking about under 11 boys. This is not the senior teams of Manchester United versus Liverpool or Inter versus AC Milan.

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Use the off-season to get better

Every off-season should be used to work on your weaknesses. Ask your coach and feelow teammates for feedback as to what areas of your game you need to improve. You may already have an idea which areas they are.

Soccer Player Nutrition & Health

What to Eat Post-Game

Many players spend a lot of time preparing themselves for a training session and games by improving their diet and changing their lifestyle.  This helps them perform at their best.  However, many players also forget about how to treat their body post-games.  What you eat and drink after a game is just as important if not more important that what you have before a game…

Soccer Positions & Field Tactics

Teamwork: Understanding the 4-5-1 Formation

The 4-5-1 formation has become an increasingly established European formation. Coaches and teams alike in Europe have proved it is – if played correctly – one of the most effective soccer formations.

Some of the notable teams that use this formation are:

  • Spanish, European and world champions FC Barcelona;
  • English Premier League champions and European runners-up Chelsea FC; and
  • AC Milan of the Italian Serie A among others.
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North American Keepers Making It in Europe

I once read an article in a local newspaper about a talented young soccer player who was only fourteen years old. He was asked where he’d like to play in Europe and the boy said either Arsenal or Sporting Lisbon. The truth is that this boy was serious.

Soccer Player Skill Development

6 Things the Best Forwards have in common

There is more to being a forward in the game of soccer than just being an attacker or wanting to shoot and score.  All forwards in soccer have several unique qualities that separate them from the other positions on the field. 

1)      Instinct in front of the net: true forwards will have a knack for finding the back of the net.  They will be calm when that last touch is needed to score a goal. 

Soccer Player Skill Development

Passing Fundamentals: Bend it Like Pirlo…and that guy named Beckham

Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass. It is terribly simple.

Bill Shankly

AC Milan’s Andrea Pirlo is currently the one of the most creative passers in the world. His highlights found all over the internet are a testament to this. One forgets that his teammate, a cultural soccer icon, David Beckham lifted the term “to bend the ball” into the everyday lexicon because of his great passing skills. There’s been movies written about it. Together, they represent the past and the future of passing.

Soccer Player Skill Development

Forward movement for Forwards

Many players want to be a forward in the game soccer for the obvious reason scoring goals and having the glory that comes with each goal.  As you develop as a soccer player you will feel more comfortable in certain roles.  You will also begin to see true forwards emerge.  Ones that kind find a way to score no matter their speed, size or skill level.  When you develop a scoring touch you immediately separate yourself from the rest of your teammates.  Remember, the ball is round and anything can happen therefore you must be prepared for any possibilities.