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The Backheel Goal – one of the greatest goals you’ll ever see

When was the last time you tried scoring by using your backheel? Have you ever given it a try? Sometimes all it takes to score is to re-direct the ball on net. It doesn’t have to be something fancy but rather something unexpected that catches the defense and goalie by surprise. This is often how the backheel goal is scored.

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Five Best Tips to Close Out a Game

Whether you’re team is playing its first or final game of the season and you’re holding onto a 1-0 lead there are some tactics that should be discussed to help your team hold onto the lead and finish the game with a win. Often time’s players make mistakes or as what they call it in tennis “unforced errors.” The same is true in soccer. Below are tips that should be used throughout an entire game and should be strongly enforced when the game is close and you need to hold onto the lead.