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Weight Training for Soccer Players

More often than ever before soccer athletes are incorporating weight training as part of their overall training program to become the best soccer player they can be.  There are countless exercise routines that soccer players can use.  What is important to address is that a weight training program should not remain the same throughout the entire year.  There will be different recommended sets and weight based on off-season, pre-season or mid-season training. 

Soccer Player Nutrition & Health

The Good Proteins…there are bad ones?

In a game of soccer your muscles are being worked hard with all of the running and exercise involved.  Protein is an extremely important nutrient that must be consumed for muscle gain to take place.  Most athletes are not aware of the different types of proteins and how they affect your body.  When you finish this blog you will have a better understand what proteins to eat, how often and what it does to your body.