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Do the owners of soccer clubs know what they are doing?

Owners can spend too much money.  Yes, that is correct, you can spend too much money.  They end up buying problems and not building a base/foundation at the club. Think about it, when you go to a restaurant do you need to buy four plates of food? Perhaps one and then three appetizers. What ends up happening is players talent is wasted. As a result of this you have disgruntled players which creates for a bad atmosphere within the locker room and lack of performance on the pitch.

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Don’t Forget About Andriy Shevchenko

Ukrainian striker and AC Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko is a player that is often forgotten when great strikers are discussed yet he is one we can learn much from. It was unfortunate to see him move to Chelsea in the prime of his career and not produce the same results he did while playing for Milan, however, no matter what, we can always learn from a talented player. Shevchenko’s talent and the number of goals he scored in his career (and counting) must be respected.

Soccer Player Skill Development

Learn the outside curve shot

Due in large to the way we kick naturally, learning to curve the ball with the inside of our foot is an almost automatic process.  It takes some practice but we can easily establish a good curve.  Read here and here to learn the Beckham inside foot curve.  But what about the outside foot curve?

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9 Tips to On-field Communication

On-field communication is one of the most important parts aspects of the game of soccer yet it isn’t always stressed within teams.  When the topic of communication is mentioned, hardly ever does the team go into specificity.  Below are some tips that can help with on-field communication in the game of soccer.