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How to Maximize Ball Possession

Many teams in North America have developed a bad habit of playing the long ball. From a young age players think that it is acceptable for their first choice of attack, counter attack and defensive clearances to simply kick the ball down the field, battle for the next possession and hope to come out on top. It’s similar to the “dump and chase” style that some hockey teams will play.  Growing up, I played on a couple teams whose coaches taught this style of play. And those that did actually tell us to play this way certainly did not speak against it. This whole style of play needs to change.

Marketing Yourself as a Soccer Player

Dallas Cup: THE Showcase Tournament

As with many things in life if you want something, go get it.  As one of my university professors once said “if you want change, you have to change yourself or your situation.  You’re crazy to expect better results if you’re doing the same thing over and over again.”  With that being said there are many soccer tournaments in North America that are great venues to participate in as a player that will expose you to the best players and top scouts around.