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The Ronaldinho Flip Flap

Watching this move at full speed the way Ronaldinho does it is unbelievable. Ronaldinho is by far the best player in the world to do the flip flap. However, many players make the mistake of seeing it and thinking they can’t do it. Few players train to perfect this move and never add it to their bag of tricks. This move, like many of Ronaldinho’s other moves, originate from futsal. Therefore, futsal is a great place to practice this move. However, the move is surprisingly more deceiving than it is difficult. Below I have shared a few tips to get help you started so that soon you can do the flip flap. 

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Build leg strength and muscle, like Ronaldinho

Soccer players require a combination of strength and muscle in their legs, yet for many reasons many players don’t train their legs. They think simply playing soccer is enough work on developing strength and muscle in their legs. Years go by and this issue is never fully addressed.