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Duties of the Roaming Midfielder

A reader asked if I could write on the position of the roaming center midfielder.  The roaming center midfielder position typically not a position that a person can say they play each and every game.  It is a position that is only used in certain formations and to be played against certain teams.  The player that plays this position is often a very skilled and offensive minded player.

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How to defend a Corner-Kick

Corner by Espindola
Corner-kicks are one of those dimensions of a soccer game that seem to be over-looked and under-appreciated for whatever reason.  Simply put, they are one of the most effective ways to create a goal scoring opportunity.  Many teams, at various levels of the game, take time to setup a plan as to where players should run and where the ball should be placed.  There are numerous tactics and different approaches to setup a play to score a goal.  But what about defending a corner-kick?

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It’s all in the Numbers: Soccer Formations

“Every disadvantage had got its advantage.”

– Johan Cruyff, legendary Dutch player

Ten Players. You have ten teammates (plus a goalkeeper). With those ten people, you can have countless formations when placing players in the attacking third, middle third, and defensive third. So many, in fact, that to list them all and each of their benefits and weaknesses would become an anthology onto itself.  Some are obviously poor choices reserved for unbridled children playing in an impromtu game like sending all ten players to the forward to attack the goal (note: never happens), or on the flip side, keeping all ten players in the backfield (also, never happens). This article will stick with the more common formations you’ll run into on a game-by-game basis.

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