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How to increase your chances of scoring

Many soccer players feel they cannot take a shot until they have either completely faked-out a defender, or until they have come the door-step of the net. What’s important to remember is that the more shots you take in a game, the higher the potential for a goal is to be scored. However, it is important to take educated shots.

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Become a Natural Goal Scorer – Yes You!

Scoring goals in soccer is very difficult. Because of the amount of players involved, the size of the field and the nature of the game, it is tough to find ways to put the ball in the net. For this very reason, fans and enthusiasts alike appreciate the game of soccer for its rawness. Games often finish with 1 goals scored if not at all.

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I thought the toe-punt was a bad thing?

As kids, when we were first introduced to the sport of soccer, many of us used our toes to shoot – a.k.a the toe-punt.  Whether for reasons of comfort, instinct, or whatever it might have been, we used our toes.  Not only is this technique visible in youth learning the sport, but a classic example can be seen with inexperienced soccer players (of all ages) who kick a ball for the first time…not exactly graceful.

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Defensive Strategies: Dealing with Fast Attackers

It is a problem players and coaches of all levels face and often struggle with – speed.  In soccer, as in many sports, teams have a very difficult time arranging a strategy to deal with pace.  The saying “speed kills” is more often true than not.

When a soccer team is put together, the fastest player is usually put in the forward position.  This does not always hold true, but is a tactic many coaches use.  A quick forward does not necessarily have to be skilled to be effective.  Because there is so much room in an outdoor soccer field, quick forwards have endless opportunities to put their speed to use.  When a forward has speed, his teammates will send him on runs to out-run the defender and score breakaway goals.

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Defender’s Guide: Left & Right Back

The fullback, aka the left or right back, plays a very crucial role in modern day football.  It is not to say that it never played a crucial role, it suggests that in today’s day and age, the fullback is given much more room to maneuver, but much more responsibility as well.

In the modern day 4-4-2 formation, the fullback has very little support from a defensive standpoint.  Because the defense is arranged in a flat line and the two central defenders have the responsibility of marking the two forwards, the fullbacks are left to fend for themselves in many regards. 

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