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Soccer connections abound in Chilean miners rescue

It was a miracle to learn about Chilean miners who survived over two months trapped in a mine. Yet after all of this, soccer has come to the forefront. In the middle of the rescue process, media, rescuers and on-lookers chanted the famous “Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!” chant of the national soccer team. Now, the miners are being treated to a retreat to the Greek Islands and tickets to see Real Madrid play in Spain and Manchester United in England. To read more on their new soccer experiences which include signed t-shirts from top clubs around the world and more trips around the works click here. Soccer and globalization definitely go hand-in-hand. What an incredible story!

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The World Cup Brings People Together

This past weekend while working a promotional event at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) in downtown Toronto I was able to take part in a very large world cup street party.  This street party was part of what has been known as Soccer Day in Canada. Like many cities around the world hosting similar events, this was a fun filled street party. Several streets were closed off to traffic allowing businesses and tents to be set up for the general public. There were a number of sporting companies on site, a large beer tent, a stage for musical performances and several large screen tv’s which showed the Toronto FC game (MLS), the third place between Uruguay and Germany and the finals between Holland and Spain. The entire weekend was a great soccer event that was free of charge and brought together people of all nationalities and backgrounds for one thing: the love of the game.