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Goalies: How to command your area

Goalie’s not only have to guard their net, but the penalty area as well.  The penalty area is the one area on the filed where one player has an advantage over all other players — that being that the goalie can use his/her hands. With this advantage come responsibility.  Goalie’s must develop the role of an army general and control the area.

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Make the pass count

One of my biggest frustrations is when players pass the ball in the air when they could have given it to my feet.  The point of a pass isn’t to just get me the ball, the point of the pass is to get me the ball to my feet so that I can make a quick decision without having to worry about bringing the ball under control first.

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What’s the Rush?…Slow the game down

About 8 years ago, my soccer team traveled to Europe for a soccer tournament.  We had an abundance of players that were aspiring to make an impression on the local European scouts.

Part of our experience, while in Amsterdam, Holland, included a 3 hour training session with one of the most respected Dutch coaches in the area.  As we approached the training facility, we were blown away. 

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How to Become a Clinical Goal Scorer

In a previous blog I talked about natural goal scorers and some of the characteristics they have on the soccer field. I made a point to distinguish the difference between a natural goal scorer and a clinical goal scorer. In this blog I would like to talk about the characteristics of clinical goal scorer and how you – with practice – can become a clinical goal scorer yourself.

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A Goalie’s Guide to Winning the Lev Yashin Award

“What kind of a goalkeeper is the one who is not tormented by the goal he has allowed? He must be tormented! And if he is calm, that means the end. No matter what he had in the past, he has no future.” – Lev Yashin

So often while watching a game you take for granted the goalie’s importance on the field. He is usually overshadowed by flashier players running up and down the field. The only time he is recognized is when he makes a great save, or alternatively, when he lets one in. A goalie isn’t recognized for everything else he does while everyone else’s focus is on the ball. A great goalie is a general, a chess master, and an acrobatic all wrapped into one. Lev Yashin is arguably the greatest goalkeeper in soccer history. In his entire twenty-two years with Dynamo Moscow, The Black Spider (as he was known as) saved more than 150 penalties. That’s more than any other professional player. It is also the reason the award for best goalkeeper in a World Cup bears his name.

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9 Tips to On-field Communication

On-field communication is one of the most important parts aspects of the game of soccer yet it isn’t always stressed within teams.  When the topic of communication is mentioned, hardly ever does the team go into specificity.  Below are some tips that can help with on-field communication in the game of soccer.

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