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Who Should be a Leader and Why

Leadership isn’t about following others.  It is about leading by example.  It’s about taking the bull by the horns, so to speak.  Every leader has a different way of leading.  This blog will discuss the different forms of leadership, who should lead and why.  

Soccer / Football Opinion World Cup Fever

Reasons England Will Never Win the World Cup

The pressure is on, the excitement is there, and the fans patiently wait for the England national team to succeed on the world stage. Unfortunately, for English fans, the English national team has not won the World Cup since 1966 and it will be a long time coming before they win again.

Soccer Positions & Field Tactics

9 Tips to On-field Communication

On-field communication is one of the most important parts aspects of the game of soccer yet it isn’t always stressed within teams.  When the topic of communication is mentioned, hardly ever does the team go into specificity.  Below are some tips that can help with on-field communication in the game of soccer.