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Incredible Under 11 Fan Support

It’s obvious that the soccer fan from professional team are passionate but check out the fans in the video below in the under 11 the Lech Cup. The video starts out with simple chanting but quickly escalates into something much more. Remember, we are talking about under 11 boys. This is not the senior teams of Manchester United versus Liverpool or Inter versus AC Milan.

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Learning from the Grass Roots

One of the beauties of soccer is that it is never too late to start the sport or improve your skills and knowledge of the game.  A trend we are seeing for many soccer players in North America is they are learning and improving their games later in life.  What is happening though is instead of focusing on developing a complete understanding and skill for the game, players and coaches are simply worried about winning games week in and week out.  What has been proven is that there is a direct correlation to perfecting your trait and developing all aspects of your game at an early stage of your career and the success you will have later in your career.  Teams in North America need to train their players to be complete players so that as they physically develop they will become more dominant on the field and have more successful careers.