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No matter how unhappy you are, never do the following

Manchester City striker and captain Carlos Tevez recently lashed out in a verbal confrontation with manager Roberto Mancini while being substituted in a game versus Bolton Wanderers. Within days of this event, he handed in his transfer request only to have it turned down by the club. This event was the culmination of a series of events surrounding the life of Carlos Tevez.

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Do the owners of soccer clubs know what they are doing?

Owners can spend too much money.  Yes, that is correct, you can spend too much money.  They end up buying problems and not building a base/foundation at the club. Think about it, when you go to a restaurant do you need to buy four plates of food? Perhaps one and then three appetizers. What ends up happening is players talent is wasted. As a result of this you have disgruntled players which creates for a bad atmosphere within the locker room and lack of performance on the pitch.