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Give credit where credit is due

Professional athletes at large are overpaid and overpriced.  No athlete is worth $2 million dollars a year, $20 million dollars a year or $200 million dollars a year.  With the marketplace having such an influential role in sports nowadays, the possibilities are endless for professional athletes’ contracts.

You can tap into the contract of any athlete in any sport and make a case for the absurdity of the figures involved (i.e. David Beckham signed a contract with the LA Galaxy for $250 million dollars over 5 years). 

Ignoring the fact that the cheques these athletes are getting is disturbing, every now and then we come across a case where an athlete is being mis-treated and under-paid relative to the contracts of some of the other players involved.

I have been following the MLS team Toronto FC quite closely this season.  Watching this franchise game in and game out has unfortunately developed some frustrations rather than joys.  Aside from the fact that they were not strong enough to make the playoffs this year, there was one other thing that really bothered me: Julian De Guzman.

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Why D2,D3, NAIA are a good choice

Is your goal to play college soccer?  If so, what level?  Is your long term goal to play in the MLS?  Whatever your goal may be, do not look past division 2, division 3 or NAIA soccer.  There is still plenty of talent and competition within those divisions to greatly improve your soccer skills and knowledge of the game which can help you achieve the goal of playing at a higher level and eventually the MLS.

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Soccer on the rise in North America

The New York Red Bulls of the MLS – whether they realize it or not – have embarked on a project that will change North American soccer forever.  Earlier this summer they signed French allstar Thierry Henry and recently confirmed that they have added the Mexican legend Rafael Marquez to their lineup.  For the New York Red Bull, at a micro-scale, this project involves creating a team that is built to make a championship run.  At a macro-scale, they are raising the bar for soccer in North America as a whole.  Marquez and Henry are both coming from arguably the best team in Europe: FC Barcalona.

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The World Cup Brings People Together

This past weekend while working a promotional event at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) in downtown Toronto I was able to take part in a very large world cup street party.  This street party was part of what has been known as Soccer Day in Canada. Like many cities around the world hosting similar events, this was a fun filled street party. Several streets were closed off to traffic allowing businesses and tents to be set up for the general public. There were a number of sporting companies on site, a large beer tent, a stage for musical performances and several large screen tv’s which showed the Toronto FC game (MLS), the third place between Uruguay and Germany and the finals between Holland and Spain. The entire weekend was a great soccer event that was free of charge and brought together people of all nationalities and backgrounds for one thing: the love of the game.

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How Soccer Explains The World

For Christmas a few years ago I was given the book titled How Soccer Explains The World – an unlikely theory of globalization by Franklin Foer.  I remember enjoying reading it very much and recently decided to pick it up again and re-educate myself.  The author, Franklin Foer, is a contributing editor at New York magazine and senior editor at The New Republic.  His writings have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.  He took a year off to travel the world and interview some of the biggest club representatives, firm bosses, players and hooligans in the world.  His research details how soccer is affecting and and in many ways creating globalization.