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Use the off-season to get better

Every off-season should be used to work on your weaknesses. Ask your coach and feelow teammates for feedback as to what areas of your game you need to improve. You may already have an idea which areas they are.

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Lead the player with the pass

Basics, basics, basics, yet many players still make this error.  For whatever reason many soccer don’t lead their teammate with the pass.  It can be the most frustrating thing because when poorly execute it can result in a lost possession, counter attack or offensive individual effort.

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Pass, Pass, Pass…Pass the ball

My current soccer coach is a Brazilian named Bento.  Read more on Bento by clicking here.  Bento barely speaks English, however, his small vocabulary of the English language actually simplifies what he’s trying to express and as a result many players have a better understanding of what he is asking.

Soccer Player Skill Development

Passing Fundamentals: Bend it Like Pirlo…and that guy named Beckham

Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass. It is terribly simple.

Bill Shankly

AC Milan’s Andrea Pirlo is currently the one of the most creative passers in the world. His highlights found all over the internet are a testament to this. One forgets that his teammate, a cultural soccer icon, David Beckham lifted the term “to bend the ball” into the everyday lexicon because of his great passing skills. There’s been movies written about it. Together, they represent the past and the future of passing.

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Lead the Way – Passing in the Defense

There are many components of the game of soccer that are over-looked – much like every aspect of life.  The reason some players are better than others can be attributed to talent and work ethic, but quite a bit can also be attributed to paying attention to all the details of the game; that is what makes a player great.  The difference between good and great is inches; the difference between good and great boils down to the meticulous fine points.