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The difference between strength & muscle building

It is very important for soccer players to develop their muscles.  It becomes even more important as you are in your final teen years and entering adulthood.   When I say develop your muscles I’m referring to spending time in the gym working with weights.  As you age, your bodies are more able to carry muscle and this should be taken advantage of otherwise you’ll be at a disadvantage from the competition.

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What’s that about carbs, proteins and veggies?

In order to be fit the new season, it is important to plan your diet carefully and to make sure the plan is put into practice.  If you need to lose weight (carrying too much body fat can affect your performance) you should reduce the amount of fat in your diet or foods that lead to fat.  However, do not cut out fats completely.  Providing enough of the right sort of fuel for exercise (carbohydrate) will help to get the most out of training sessions and help to prevent fatigue toward the end of the match.