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Responsibilities of a wall in soccer

There are two main reasons why a wall is created in soccer:

  1. Create an obstacle for your opponent who is trying to shoot/cross
  2. Aid your goalie who has a large net to cover
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Goals You’ll Never Forget

I recently came across this goal from Portuguese side Vitoria de Guimaraes.  Many soccer players in North America haven’t even heard of this club.  When I heard Manchester United signed one of their strikers, Bebé, I had to look them up.  Scoring a goal like the one below is extremely difficult and requires much practice but there are a few things one can learn from watching it over and over again that will help you perfect scoring a goal like this.

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Loyalty…What Loyalty?

Recently the discussion came up regarding team loyalty at all levels of play or should I say the lack of team loyalty. Every year, and more often than not, players at all levels are switching teams to seek greater personal fame, a larger pay cheque or immediate championships. The sense of loyalty where young players grow up supporting their favorite team and then playing for them is gone. This type of behavior hurts the game in the short and long run. Furthermore, it takes away from fan enjoyment. This type of non-loyalty is becoming common in all sport today including the NHL, NBA and the NFL. When there is a lack of respect, loyalty and honor, aspects surrounding the sport begin to lose value quickly. The expression “blood, sweat and tears” is no more.

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Home Grown Players in MLS…how it can help the game

I recently looked at the Toronto FC player roster to discover that this season has almost an entirely new team.  How can this be?  Surely there would be some returning players but the entire starting eleven is new.  OK so I’ll give these guys a chance and hope to rally behind them but what is going to happen next year?  How many more new players will there be?

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The Need to Know About Champions League

You’ve likely heard of the EUFA Champions League and know a little about it but many young players do not know how it works or the importance of it.  The EUFA Champions League is often referred to simply as “The Champions League.”  It is the biggest year around tournament for the best European soccer clubs.