Soccer / Football Opinion

Winning on a technicality means nothing

Face it…winning on a technically is nothing to be proud about! Each year there are soccer teams that win because of off-field protests.  This happens at all levels of the game.  Red cards are over turned, yellow cards are overturned, protests regarding player eligibility come to the forefront, certain games have to be replayed and the list goes on and on.

Soccer Positions & Field Tactics

Playing with a man down

Once a player is given a red card and sent-off, game tactics change drastically for both teams on the pitch.  Depending on the scoreline and what’s at stake, a few traditional approached are taken to dealing with one less player.

Let’s analyze the team that has just lost a man.  In a traditional 4-4-2, the most common tactical move is to appoint one player as a lone forward, and the remaining players will maintain the same formation.  So, your new look will be a 4-4-1.  Again, depending on the circumstance of the game, a 4-4-1 might be too conservative.  If you are desperate to score a goal and tie the game or win the game, you might want to take away a midfielder rather than a forward.  What this creates is a 4-3-2 formation.  Nonetheless, a 4-4-1 is your best option.