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C’Mon Man! Have some Respect

Ahh, the good old French.  From public disputes between players and coaches, to the sending home of self-centered stars, right to the resignation of the soccer federations president, this years French squad was nothing short of a walking time bomb waiting to implode.  With one of the most disappointing and controversial World Cup campaigns in French History, you couldn’t help but think you’d seen it all…right?  Wrong.

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10 Ways to win respect – what are they?

Winning the respect of your teammates and coaches is hardly ever discussed yet it is very important in order to have a proper functioning team on and off the field. Below are my top 10 areas in order to help you win respect from your fellow teammates and coaches.

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Unsportsmanlike Conduct: what’s too far?

Unsportsmanlike conduct is globally accepted as inappropriate. It doesn’t matter what sport you play or what the rules are that constitute the sport – you know it when you see it. When a player punches another player, it’s unsportsmanlike and dangerous. When a player celebrates a goal by taking their shirt off, although debatable, players everywhere know it’s unsportsmanlike, showboating and for it you will be penalized (given a yellow card in soccer). The different degrees of unsportsmanlike can be argued about over and over; however one fact remains: it’s wrong.