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Use the off-season to get better

Every off-season should be used to work on your weaknesses. Ask your coach and feelow teammates for feedback as to what areas of your game you need to improve. You may already have an idea which areas they are.

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Wayne Rooney is a joke

After hearing Sir Alex Ferguson earlier this week confirm the situation with Wayne Rooney I could only think one thing: unbelievable!  Other high profile players at Manchester United have left due to fall-outs with Sir Alex Ferguson, however, this situation is quite different.

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Attacking Tips For Wingers

Many soccer players feel that if they can successfully dribble one or two defenders they have done their job.  This is especially true for wingers.  However, there are a few things to consider if you are a winger that can help you become a very dangerous player.  These are simple but effective parts of the wingers role.  They can also be used for other positions of the field including central midfield but can be used most often on the wing.

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Simple Injury Prevention Tips

Injuries are a common occurrence in soccer but many players do not prepare their bodies properly for the long season ahead.  Despite their efforts, players are making common mistakes and injuries are still occurring to them.  There are, however, some tips to follow that can help reduce your chances of injury and keep you in better shape.

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Role of the Midfield Winger

Many wingers think their sole responsibility is to run up and down the field, take throw-ins, corner kicks and be fast.  However, there is more to being a midfield winger than this.  Depending on the formation your team plays you will have different duties.   

4-4-2:  in this formation the wingers’ main offensive responsibility is to provide through-balls to the forwards, cross the ball into the 18 yard box when in the attacking third of the field, attack defenders with the ball and a lot of runs off the ball to receive passes from your teammates, specifically center midfielders. 

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6 Steps to Dribbling like Ronaldo

Everyone of us probably wishes we could dribble and be as effective as Cristiano Ronaldo is with the ball.  We try his moves in training and sometimes in games.  Sometimes we succeed, other times we look rather silly.  Follow these steps and you’ll surely become a better dribbler.