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Things I would do differently to get a scholarship: part 1

After finishing with college soccer and understanding the entire process the way I do now there are a number of things I would change if I got to do it all over again. Many people have gone through the recruitment process, each slightly differently. The good news is you don’t have to invent the wheel. Instead, you can copy the same steps others have to taken to achieve this goal of theirs. In part 1 of this series I discuss some of the changes I would stress all soccer players looking to play at the college should be aware of. The sooner you put these into practice, the more likely they will benefit you.

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Use the off-season to get better

Every off-season should be used to work on your weaknesses. Ask your coach and feelow teammates for feedback as to what areas of your game you need to improve. You may already have an idea which areas they are.

Marketing Yourself as a Soccer Player

Things to Consider if You’d Like to Play Soccer in College

            If you’re hoping to play soccer in college, there are many things to consider beyond the general characteristics (large, small, urban, rural, etc.) of the school.  At some point you’ll want to speak to the coaches at schools on your list, but you can check out many aspects of the soccer programs prior to contacting them.  This will help you further winnow the list of schools you’re considering.

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How to overcome weaknesses…

Each of us has our own goals and strives to achieve them. We spend much of our time doing everything we can in order to accomplish what we set out to do. However, when it comes down it, the moment we are about to connect all the dots for some reason we begin to second guess ourselves. The only thing preventing us from moving forward is ourselves. We become our biggest weakness. Why is that? Perhaps because we are scared of the unknown? It could be that we don’t know how things will turn out and are not sure if we can handle failure or the unknown future. This may not occur to all of us but for many people the final stumbling block come from within.