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College Recruiting Tips for Scouts & Players

Are you trying to get scouted?  If you are, you probably have a lot of questions.  Below are some of the basic questions and points that are often over-looked and forgotten about in the recruiting process.  Educate yourself in the rules, regulations and procedures of the recruiting process and you will benefit greatly from it.

Marketing Yourself as a Soccer Player Soccer / Football Opinion Soccer / Football Player Motivation Soccer College Recruitment

The Do’s & Don’ts — Marketing Yourself Online

I was recently browsing one of my soccer friends facebook page and noticed he put the link to his personal soccer website. Like many young soccer players, he is trying to be noticed by professional clubs, make a name for himself and play at a higher level. After looking through his site I noticed a number of areas where he could greatly improve his site. These areas aren’t so much about design and colour but the content of his site.