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Speed Kills

The reason you so often hear the words “speed kills” in the sports universe is because it is true.  Speed is ageless.  In soccer, speed is one of those assets that can make a player very valuable and very dangerous.  Just ask the reigning European champions Inter Milan if speed kills.

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Benefits of Playing on an Older Team

When I was a little kid each summer all I wanted to do was play soccer. And every summer my parents sent me several hours away for a couple weeks to camp sites where I could have new experiences in life. We did a number of camping activities including swimming, kayaking, hiking, and probably all the other camping activities you can think of. But one day there was a big soccer tournament for all the boys. Not only were we playing a soccer tournament but it was being played on the beach. I was only ten at the time and was playing against boys my own age and several years older.

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Defensive Strategies: Dealing with Fast Attackers

It is a problem players and coaches of all levels face and often struggle with – speed.  In soccer, as in many sports, teams have a very difficult time arranging a strategy to deal with pace.  The saying “speed kills” is more often true than not.

When a soccer team is put together, the fastest player is usually put in the forward position.  This does not always hold true, but is a tactic many coaches use.  A quick forward does not necessarily have to be skilled to be effective.  Because there is so much room in an outdoor soccer field, quick forwards have endless opportunities to put their speed to use.  When a forward has speed, his teammates will send him on runs to out-run the defender and score breakaway goals.

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Defender’s Guide: Left & Right Back

The fullback, aka the left or right back, plays a very crucial role in modern day football.  It is not to say that it never played a crucial role, it suggests that in today’s day and age, the fullback is given much more room to maneuver, but much more responsibility as well.

In the modern day 4-4-2 formation, the fullback has very little support from a defensive standpoint.  Because the defense is arranged in a flat line and the two central defenders have the responsibility of marking the two forwards, the fullbacks are left to fend for themselves in many regards. 

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5 steps to becoming a successful central defender

As the different formations used in soccer have been manipulated and re-created, much of the responsibilities of each position have remained the same – for the most part.  This holds especially true for the central defender.

The central defender is always the last line of defense (aside from the goalie) and is always the foundation of a successful team – the brain of a proper functioning system.

Here are 5 tips to becoming a successful central defender:

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Role of the Midfield Winger

Many wingers think their sole responsibility is to run up and down the field, take throw-ins, corner kicks and be fast.  However, there is more to being a midfield winger than this.  Depending on the formation your team plays you will have different duties.   

4-4-2:  in this formation the wingers’ main offensive responsibility is to provide through-balls to the forwards, cross the ball into the 18 yard box when in the attacking third of the field, attack defenders with the ball and a lot of runs off the ball to receive passes from your teammates, specifically center midfielders. 

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The Need to Know about Cardio Training

There are various cardio routines available to the public but it is important to understand why you should run certain distances, intervals, speeds and laps of a track.  By having a better understand and appreciation it will give you a better idea how close or far off you are of achieving your ideal cardio conditioning and most importantly how prepared you are conditioning wise for soccer games.  The majority of running in soccer games are short burst of speed with non-stop continual jogging around the field as the play moves.  In order to be in your best shape there are specific steps that one should follow.

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