Soccer Player Skill Development

Side-foot Shot – Like Steven Gerrard

Imagine yourself with a free-kick right on the 18 yard box.  You know you are the one that is going to take the free kick, so you begin to ask yourself:

  • Can I go through the wall with a hard shot? – I do not think so; it is too wide and I can barely see the net
  • Can I go over the wall and dip it in? – I doubt I can get it over the wall and under the ball with enough pace to beat the keeper
  • I need to get around the wall somehow, or at least make the wall break – my best bet might be to place it low in the corner.
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Center-Midfield’s Positioning Guide

Many young soccer players have never been taught exactly where to play on the field for their particular position.  They do not understand their roles specifically in the offensive attack and defensive end of the field.  This blog will educate the reader as to where exactly the center midfielder should be on the field with regards to the different scenarios possible.