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The Backheel Goal – one of the greatest goals you’ll ever see

When was the last time you tried scoring by using your backheel? Have you ever given it a try? Sometimes all it takes to score is to re-direct the ball on net. It doesn’t have to be something fancy but rather something unexpected that catches the defense and goalie by surprise. This is often how the backheel goal is scored.

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Soccer on the rise in North America

The New York Red Bulls of the MLS – whether they realize it or not – have embarked on a project that will change North American soccer forever.  Earlier this summer they signed French allstar Thierry Henry and recently confirmed that they have added the Mexican legend Rafael Marquez to their lineup.  For the New York Red Bull, at a micro-scale, this project involves creating a team that is built to make a championship run.  At a macro-scale, they are raising the bar for soccer in North America as a whole.  Marquez and Henry are both coming from arguably the best team in Europe: FC Barcalona.

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The time is NOW (Technology in Soccer)

This year’s world cup has brought many things; excitement, drama, heart wrenching disappointment and of course CONTROVERSY.
As a long-time advocate of technology in sport, it amazes me how the soccer powers that be, still fail to embrace the 21th century. Why leave to chance a botched call that can be so easily resolved by a 10 second review of the game.