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senseballLooking to improve your touch on a soccer ball?

In order to have more time on the ball and to have the essentially slow down for you need to have the best touch on the ball. The best and most elite players have a great touch on the ball. This allows them to play the game and make better decisions without having to spend time controlling the ball and reacting to situations around them.

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The inspirational story of Stu Mittleman

I recently came across the story of ultra marathon runner Stu Mittleman. Stu’s story certainly puts the importance of training and goal setting into perspective. At one stage of his life he wasn’t even a runner and now he’s in the Ultra Marathon Running Hall of Fame. After reading the distances and times that he ran, think about the distances that you’re currently running in preparation for the upcoming season. Obviously the training for a soccer player and ultra marathon runner are completely different, however, it certainly puts things into perspective in terms of what people are willing to settle for in life.