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Goals You’ll Never Forget

I recently came across this goal from Portuguese side Vitoria de Guimaraes.  Many soccer players in North America haven’t even heard of this club.  When I heard Manchester United signed one of their strikers, Bebé, I had to look them up.  Scoring a goal like the one below is extremely difficult and requires much practice but there are a few things one can learn from watching it over and over again that will help you perfect scoring a goal like this.

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The Need to Know About Champions League

You’ve likely heard of the EUFA Champions League and know a little about it but many young players do not know how it works or the importance of it.  The EUFA Champions League is often referred to simply as “The Champions League.”  It is the biggest year around tournament for the best European soccer clubs. 

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Center-Midfield’s Positioning Guide

Many young soccer players have never been taught exactly where to play on the field for their particular position.  They do not understand their roles specifically in the offensive attack and defensive end of the field.  This blog will educate the reader as to where exactly the center midfielder should be on the field with regards to the different scenarios possible.