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When was the last time you tried scoring by using your backheel? Have you ever given it a try? Sometimes all it takes to score is to re-direct the ball on net. It doesn’t have to be something fancy but rather something unexpected that catches the defense and goalie by surprise. This is often how the backheel goal is scored.

To score with the backheel requires quite a bit of power therefore only attempt this when in scoring range or closer to the net. I would typically try this within 10 yards from the goal line. However, here’s one exception to how far you should be from the net when you attempt this shot. This goal came in a game between Glentoran and Portadown of the Northern Ireland’s IFA Premiership. To view this incredible goal watch the link below.

Watch this backheel goal by Thierry Henry when he was playing with Arsenal.

Don’t be afraid to use your creativity. The backheel goal will be one that will surprise everyone on the field and those in the stands watching. No matter how it goes in, it will also be a goal you’ll never forget.

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