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Lionel Messi of FC Barcalona and Argentina has been awarded the 2010 FIFA Ballon D’Or award.  This is the second time, and second year in a row, that Messi has won the award.  The three nominees for the award were (1) Xavi Hernandez, (2) Andres Iniesta and (3) Lionel Messi.  The reason this is such a special year is because all three players play for the same club team: FC Barcalona.  What’s even more special is that all three players were brought up in the Barcalona youth system.  If you ask me, this is incredible and speaks volumes about Barcalona’s entire program.

It was only fair that the coach of Barcalona, Pep Guardiola, present the FIFA Ballon D’Or as his 3 superstars looked on.

Why does Messi deserve this award?

It can be argued that the reason Iniesta didn’t win the award is because he missed much of the past season due to injury, even though he played a crucial role in both Barcalona and Spain’s success.

Xavi put together a year with an assist and pass rating that would blow the minds of most people.  In fact, many still do not agree with Messi winning the award.  Most poles had Xavi listed as the favorite.  But, with all due respect to Xavi, the reason he didn’t win is because Messi is just too impressive.

Although Messi had a decent-at-best year on the international level, he has performed freak-like at the club level.  Messi has scored 34 goals in 35 appearances this season.  Are you kidding me?  Even when he hasn’t been able to net goals, he has taken on the role of a distributor as seen in the game vs. arch rivals Real Madrid where he single handidly picked apart the Madrid team and setup essentially every goal.

Many people have asked why I believe Messi is the best player in the world.  My answer, every time, is “just watch him play”.  He stays on his feet no matter what.  The reason this is so important is because the game of soccer is being poisoned by cheaters who continue to simulate fouls and dive.

Try to gain an appreciation for how he takes over games.

Another notable winners included Jose Mourinho taking home the coach of the year award.  His success with his former team Inter Milan yielded this success for him.  Although I think he might have the best results as a coach in 2010, he definitely is not the best coach on the planet.  In my mind, that award belongs to Sir Alex Ferguson.

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