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Where does confidence come from? How do you get it?  How do you keep it?  And how do you get it back if you’ve lost it?  Below are some ideas that can help you get started on the path to building your inner confidence.

Like all aspects of life, having a lot of confidence is a good thing.  You feel a sense of pride, you can hold your chest high and give your best effort no matter the challenge ahead of you.  When your confidence is high there is a positive vibe that others around you can see and even feel.  It can even become contagious.

Confidence is having inner belief in yourself.  Confidence comes from being sure of yourself, your abilities and knowledge.  I once heard a quotation that said “anxiety is the result of a lack of preparation.”  In the game of soccer, like all areas of life, the more you prepare yourself the higher your confidence level will be.

I have found from personal experience that the secret to building the confidence comes from the extra training you do on your own after the team session is over.  This could be working on your fitness, shooting, dribbling, heading or another aspect of your game.  This is the time where you master some of your better abilities and improve the weaker ones.

Developing the weaker aspects of your game is a great way to build that confidence so that nothing can stop you.  When Michael Jordan entered the NBA his weaknesses were considered his shooting and defending yet by the end of his career those were two of his best and most dangerous parts of his game.  Once you develop the weaker areas of your game, your confidence level will grow tremendously.

Click here to read on how to get out of a slump seeing as there are some similar ideas that apply to getting your confidence back.  Remember, it takes a while to build up confidence and it can leave very quickly as well so be sure .

I like to listen to Anthony Robbins seeing as he is excellent at helping people bring out the best in themselves.  Watch his video below.  He covers many areas of life but they will surely help raise your confidence.  Watch it especially when your surroundings are negative or you’re in a situation that you cannot control.  This brief video will surely lift you up again.  My favorite part starts at the 7:45 minute mark.  You’ll definitely feel more alive after watching this!

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