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This may sound obvious but there is a fundamental principle to running with the ball that many players don’t take advantage of. Whether you are running with the ball for 15 yards or longer the key point is to attack the open space. If you see two defenders not close together, then this is a great opportunity to pierce that hole by attacking the open space.  

The reason players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi become closed down so quickly is that they understand the importance of attacking the open space and when they do they are very effective in ripping opposing teams apart. The scouting report on these players is to close them quickly so that they don’t attack the open space. Knowing this, start attacking the open space when you see it. It could be as little as 10-15 yards between you and the opposition.

Train your mind to think this way. As a result you will automatically become a more offensive player and better yet, an effective attacking player. Keep your head up and you’ll see so much more to the game that others aren’t even thinking of. The moment you see the open space attack it! As a result you’ll have your entire team moving forward with the opposition having to backtrack.

Watch the highlights below of some of the best professionals attack the open space. One can only learn from watching such greatness.

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