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I am disappointed to announce that my favorite player, Zinedine Zidane, was a supporter of the 2022 Qatar bid. Not only did he support the bid but he campaigned for it…and was paid a hefty sum of money. The agreement was Zidane would receive 3 million dollars for allowing his name to support the Qatar bid. And if Qatar won the bid then he would receive 15 million. Not a bad pay cheque for doing relatively nothing.

Did Zidane actually want Qatar to win the 2022 world cup bid or was he more interested in a nice pay cheque? Only Zidane knows the truth but it is certainly difficult to ignore such large sums of money for a relatively simple agreement. I mean, 15 million in a single day??! C’Mon Man!

Although this should surprise me, it really does not when today many famous soccer players around the world show little or no loyalty to clubs and go where the pay cheque is the biggest.

It is unfortunate that instead of looking to improve professional leagues, attendance and the popularity of the game in already established leagues around the world, the tournament goes to the middle east with the goal uniting people. Nothing is wrong with having a goal like this but don’t try to fool the public in disguising the real reasons the tournament made its way to the middle east with “uniting people.”

The world cup bids are over with and the tournaments are currently being planned. In the meantime, it will be interesting to find out those whom profited and the truth behind the strange events of the past several weeks. With the above being true, I wonder how much the FIFA delegates were paid.

Below is Zidane’s commercial in support of the bid.

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