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When we talk about the best goals in soccer, every person on this planet will have a different opinion as to what that goal is and who scored it.  There are amazing displays of skill where players take on an entire team and there are instances where a player scores a goal that requires great skill i.e. a bicycle kick.  These types of goals make you jump out of your chair and cheer.  But what about those goals that happen every now and then that leave you stunned.  You have no words and you try to pick your jaw off the ground.  These are the goals that are scored by soccer greats who have tricks up their sleeves some of us could only dream of.  One of the best players of all time, Zico, scored a goal that only he can explain best:

Some of the things you should take from this video:

  • Never stop analyzing the game.  Even when you are on the field, be aware of some patterns you notice with the other team.  As Zico mentioned here, he noticed that the goalie had a tendency to leave his net when he shouldn’t have.  In another circumstance, you might want to chip the goalie instead of shooting it past him.  Keep and eye out for things like this as they will work to your advantage.
  • Develop a creative mind.  Never allow yourself to stop learning.  In practice try things that seem impossible or even thins that seem silly.  You will never know what situation you will find yourself in and how you will have to twist your body or how you will have to use your body to make a play…you may even score the “Scorpion Goal”.

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