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We’ve all seen the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo from Brazil perform the step over. When this move is well executed it can put any defender on their back heels and thus give you advantage going forward with the ball. There is a key to this move that is often overlooked by many players. Some do it instinctively while others only at times. However, if you do this all the time you will always have the advantage.

The secret though to the step over is to have your chest over the ball. Many players will stand too upright and leave the ball exposed in front of them. However, you always want your chest over the ball when you do the step over so that you are in complete control of the ball. You’ll have better balance and body positioning and from that alone will be able to do another move to shake a defender or create a shooting opportunity for yourself.¬†And as always, keep your head up.

Watch Robinho, one of the best at the step over, and notice his chest is always over the ball. Once you master this and it becomes instinct you will ad another dimension to your game and become ever more dangerous.

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