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The soccer throw-in is an easy task.  Yet, many players assume they know all the rules involved but they continually get called for foul throws.

Here is a video that explains the basics of a throw-in.  Before you worry about throwing the ball long and far, learn to throw it in properly:

Common mistakes

  • When the throw is a very short one, players bring the ball over their head and let it go while their hands are on their way down to their sides.  The ball must be let go above your head while you follow threw.
    Tip:  when you want to make a short throw, take a few steps back from the side line so that you don’t have to be so close to your player.
  • Keep your feet on the ground.  When throwing the ball a further distance, players get carried away and raise one of their feet as a result of momentum.
    Tip: As long as both of your feet maintain contact with the ground, you will not be called for a foul throw.  So when you are throwing a longer distance, as your run up and plant with yoru leading foot, drag your back toe (trailing foot) as this will give you more flexibility and it will be considered as both feet on the ground.
  • Your hips need to be facing the direction in which you want to throw.  If you’re facing your net, but then try to trick the other team by throwing it up the field with a quick turn of your upper body, you will be called for a foul throw. 

These might sound like silly and obvious points, but you’d be surprised how often players are called for foul throws because they don’t understand the fundamentals.  Follow the above tutorial and remember these tips I’ve included and you’ll never be called for a foul throw.

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