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Thinking of quitting? Don’t and here’s why…

Each of us have thought of quitting the game of soccer for a variety of reasons.  If not quitting, taking some time off. This blog is to encourage you not to quit or take that time off the game you enjoy playing so much.  Instead, I’ll share a few ideas that will encourage you to continue playing and make more lasting memories.

The main reason most players quit is that they are no longer enjoying the game of soccer anymore.  What every player needs is a challenge.  Challenges keep us on our toes and allow us to grow as individuals and a team.  If you haven’t set any challenges for yourself then it will become very difficult to advance in the game of soccer.  If you’re not growing as a player then perhaps it’s time to look for a new team.  Look for a team with bigger ambitions

Then are some players who become burned out from too much soccer.  This is where cross training comes in hand.  If you take a year off it will be much more difficult to get back into soccer shape, and you will likely lose the sharpness you had before.  Cross training helps with this because you’ll keep your fitness level yet receive a nice break from soccer.  Many players simply take time off and let themselves go.  This is the wrong approach.

If you must take time off, take no more than 2 weeks maximum.  You should at least be doing another sport.  Other sports that are great for fitness include cycling, running and swimming.  I also personally enjoy inline skating, tennis and squash.  I like training in individual sports for my cross training.   In individual sports you get the results from the work you put in.  It’s just you and the clock, therefore, you had better train hard if you want to see positive results.

If you’ve lost motivation then set new goals for yourself.  These could be personal goals and team goals.  Use the off-season to work on your weaknesses and come back a better player.  There is no reason you have to take a step backwards, become frustrated with the season and then quit.  Often times a change of scenery whether it is the coach or your teammates will help.  However, if you’re in a slump that is something else.  To read how to get to get out of a slump click here.

At the end of the day, you likely need to re-discover the love of the game.  Learn to have fun again.  Once you’ve done this you will be glad you didn’t become a quitter like so many other players.  Play for the love of the game and be thankful you have the opportunity.

Philip MacDonald

By Philip MacDonald

The idea for Goalden is to help other soccer players of all ages improve the many different aspects of their game. We began coaching youth teams and watching youth soccer all over Ontario. We watched semi-professional and professional teams and noticed how far the game still has to develop here. From that, we decided we want to help others obtain the best information as early as possible in their soccer careers. We want to educate readers about the game of soccer and the fine details that are often overlooked by coaches in North America.

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