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I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but soccer players are becoming increasingly unimaginative.  Actually, I’ll drop the politically correct act; they’re becoming dumber and dumber.  Forget the actual game itself for a second.  I am referring to the players themselves who have created a stereotype that many players all around the world have adopted.  Let’s go to the biggest soccer stage in the world for an example of this stereotype: Europe.  85% of the players have tattoo’s that cover their entire arm and a hair cut that you’d see on a runway model – it’s a joke.  In my opinion, they’re focused on the wrong things in life. Like Tony Robbins says, there are better ways to express yourself than covering your body in paint.  I look at the players in my local league and they concern themselves with the same stupidity.  It’s not fair to judge, nor is it fair to assume what people are really like…I just couldn’t help but make the observation.

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