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If you’re looking to achieve maximum recovery between training sessions then there are specific steps you must follow. For starters, you have to treat your body the same way a race car driver treats his race car – with a lot of care. Race cars don’t take regular fuel and therefore you as a player can’t ingest the normal foods and liquids that the everyday person does. It’s also important to stay clear from certain foods. So why do this? If your goal is to get the best results from your training sessions you must take care of your body in the down time away from the pitch in order to get maximum recovery between training sessions.

Some simple ideas to get you started…enjoy!


  • Stay away from surgery beverages and alcoholic beverage (especially leading up to a major competition).
  • Instead drink water and lots of it. To read more on proper hydration click here.
  • You can also have a high quality protein shake within the first thirty minutes after training (or a game). This will help your muscles recover and rebuild. A liquid protein shake is the fastest thing your body can digest (at least much faster than a chicken breast).

Eat Regularly

  • Instead of eating three large meals throughout the day, try instead for 4-6 meals per day. These can be smaller meals which the stomach can ultimately digest more rapidly and thus increases your metabolism. Eat every 2-3 hours.
  • You can prepare your meals over the weekend or the evening before. This way it helps when you are out for the entire day.

Light jogging

  • Despite being sore, going for a light jog the very next day after a hard training session or game is great for the body. It loosens up the muscles and prepares your body for the next training session. If you don’t go jogging your muscles just get tighter and tighter. Then after a few days rest you might think you’re ready to train at 100% intensity again only to injure yourself. Go for the jog, it will make a world of a difference.

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