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How often do you stay after training to work on a specific part of your game? Do you do this at all? If not, start incorporating this into your training routine and you’ll quickly notice an improvement in the skill you’re working on and you’re confidence on the pitch. Start by training anywhere from 15-30 minutes of an area of your game that is weak or to master an area you’re already strong in. This could be anything from free kicks, penalty shots, dribbling or heading the ball.

After reading more of Football – Bloody Hell! The biography of Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s Eric Cantona was the first Man Utd player to ask Sir Alex Ferguson if he could stay after training to work on his volleys. Cantona asked Ferguson if he could have two players help him out and Ferguson was so impressed that he gave him three players (two to throw the balls and a goal keeper). The other players heard about this and such was their respect for Cantona that they wanted to join in. Extra practice became part of the United routine and David Beckham was one of those who flourished in such an environment.

One doesn’t all of a sudden become good at something. Sure some people pick-up different skills of the game quicker than others but to master it or to “own it” so to speak you have to practice, practice, practice.

Take a look at some of Eric Cantona’s best goals in his time at Manchester.


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