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A reader from Brazil recently asked about the process required to land a soccer scholarship to an American university. We encourage you to take a look through some of our other blogs regarding college scholarships and the recruitment process. We go into more detail there. But for starters you need to focus and decide what area of the country/schools you are looking to be recruited to, decide what division you are going to concentrate on (DI, DI, DIII, NAIA) and decide how the coaches who make the decisions will see you play.

The scouting system in North America is nowhere near that of Europe. For instance, Sir Alex Ferguson has over 20 scouts working for him all across Europe scouting the best talent. In other words, the scouts are out looking for the players whereas in North America, it is often the players who need to put themselves in front of the scouts one way or another.

Make sure to have a video of yourself available. If possible, attend a showcase tournament or ask coaches directly where they will be when they do their scouting and then figure out how you will get there.

Having contacts which include former players from the school or a network to the program can always help bring your name forward. However, it’s all up to you once you’re in a front of the coach. It’s not an easy process and there is a lot of homework involved…but it’s worth it!

Good luck!



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