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Toronto FC of Major League Soccer have hired former Dutch national star Aron Winter as their head coach and technical director. This is a major step in steering the only MLS team in Canada in the right direction. Instead of following the likes of many other MLS clubs where the style of play is kick, chase and fight; Toronto has hired a successful coach who understands the Dutch way of soccer inside out. Not only is having Aron Winter a positive step for Toronto but the players will enjoy a more free flowing attacking game. And the fans will love their team even more. Winter recently discussed more of his plans for the future of the club.

First on his agenda is developing a three-prong offence that will be based on what he grew up with at his former club Ajax of Amsterdam. “Everybody knows that in Holland we are used to playing with three strikers” said Winter his news conference in Toronto. “And while I want to want to establish our own style here with Toronto FC, that style will include three strikers.”

“We are talking about two different teams – Toronto and Ajax…but I want to bring Ajax style soccer to Toronto.” This is exactly the approach more MLS clubs and college programs need to take. This style of soccer has already proven to successful. In addition, the players will love playing it and the fans enjoy watching it. Dutch teams have always been one of the most exciting to watch in any competition whether it be domestic, European or international games.

“It is going to be attaching soccer…the fans will see a lot more movement than they have seen before.” “Of course we have to have the players who can play that style. Right now we want to assess the positions where we have to be better…and we need time to teach them to play the way I want them to play.”

Hopefully, the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. Bosses, will be patient enough with this approach to the game. A championship caliber team will not be put together in one or two seasons. It is the culmination of following through on a system and building on it. This system has already proven to be a successful and now Toronto will begin to implement it. The pieces of the puzzle will come in a little at a time and success will slowly follow.

I for one, am excited for the franchise and look forward to the upcoming season.

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